Community engagement in Singapore

Community engagement
in Singapore


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We experience a continuous increase in business being created and controlled in Asia, and our office in Singapore plays a very important role for our operations in the Pacific Rim, servicing both chartering and operational requirements of our trading activities.

The office has undergone extensive growth since it was established in 2005, and the activity in the office is expected to further increase due to Asia’s continuing role as the world’s growth locomotive. This development has led to close relations with our Singapore stakeholders, and it has become very important for J. Lauritzen that we are engaged in the community. Not only because of our solid tradition of support and engagement, but also as a way of showing respect to the many stakeholders we have in the region.

Our Singapore office is with its more than 35 employees the largest of our overseas offices. It is important that we foster a culture of both personal and professional development by continuously providing education and training for our employees.

Supporting talented students

We need to continuously attract and develop high-calibre talented people in order to develop our businesses. Therefore, it is not only important that we meet and develop relationships with talents early in their careers, it is also important that we recognise our responsibility to help in the development process of these new talents.

We believe that as a company with many years of experience, we can contribute positively to the development of new talent. Furthermore, by engaging with young talents while they are still studying, we hope to inspire them to choose a career path within shipping and thereby we contribute to a continuous influx of young talents to the shipping industry.

The Global Internship Award

J. Lauritzen's Singapore office is part of the Global Internship Award, which is a new initiative by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), as part of Singapore's on-going efforts to promote maritime careers amongst the country's considerable talent pool.

In 2014, we interviewed and engaged with two outstanding students from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU) who were recommended by MPA. As a result, we sponsored the students with a ten week tailor-made training programme that included hands-on training in Singapore and at our head office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Through previous experience with summer interns from NTU, we have successfully identified and engaged outstanding students, who have later initiated their career within J. Lauritzen. By cooperating with the MPA, we find that we gain access to a larger talent pool interested in embarking on a career path in the maritime industry. The ten week internship assists in further aligning these students’ academic knowledge with practical work in a corporate environment, and thereby confirm their determination and interests in the industry.

The internship process is not only a positive learning curve for J. Lauritzen and the interns, it also has a positive effect on the goal of Singapore's government to educate and encourage local talent for the shipping industry. By providing the MPA with feedback from our experience with the internship initiative, our Singapore office becomes an active contributor to building the talent pool of the maritime community in Singapore. We look forward to further contributing to similar initiatives, which will eventually make the maritime talent pool in Singapore global.

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Protecting the environment

Through our commitment to the UN’s voluntary initiative for responsible business conduct, Global Compact, we are committed to supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, to undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and to encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Although most of our environmental impacts as a shipping company lie at sea, we have to live this commitment at our offices as well.

The Maritime Singapore Green Initiative

In 2013, our Singapore office joined the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative by signing the Maritime Singapore Green Pledge. By signing the pledge that promotes and supports clean and green shipping in Singapore, we committed to an initiative that is in line with our environmental efforts.

The Maritime Singapore Green Initiative was announced by the MPA to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities. The initiative comprises three voluntary programmes – Green Ship Programme, Green Port Programme and Green Technology Programme.

The Green Ship Programme encourages Singapore-flagged ships to reduce carbon dioxide and sulphur oxides emissions.
The Green Port Programme encourages ocean-going ships calling at the Port of Singapore to reduce the emission of pollutants.
The Green Technology Programme encourages local maritime companies to develop and adopt green technologies.

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Supporting the Singaporean Community

In addition to supporting talents and protecting the environment, we strive to give back to the people that are affected by our operations. This is achieved through support to non-governmental organisations around the world.

Sponsor to Danish Seamen’s Church

Danish Seamen’s Churches around the world obviously have special meaning for a Danish shipping company, which is why we are pleased to be able to support the good work they do. Additionally, being a global company we constantly have Danish employees stationed at our Singapore office, who enjoy the presence of the church.

The Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore was founded in 1984 and resides in a historical building on Mount Faber. The Church is considered by Danes as the ‘Danish House’ in Singapore and is the main pillar for Danes in Singapore.

To support the mission of Danish Seamen’s Churches overseas, J. Lauritzen Singapore has been engaged as an active sponsor for the Danish Seamen’s church for many years by funding the Church and providing advice as an active member on the board.

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