Environmental policy

Environmental policy


Environmental policy

J. Lauritzen A/S recognises the environmental impacts of our operations and assumes responsibility to work towards minimising this impact in the continuous development of our business activities worldwide. 

Through a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, we strive to contribute to a greener environment and the same time create value for our owners, clients and other stakeholders. 

Aligned with our core values, our operational management practices contribute to ensuring the safe¬ty of people, vessels, cargo and the environment. 

Operating within one of the most global industries, global regulative initiatives applying equally to all vessels are required to ensure a level playing field and fair competition. Thus, it is J. Lauritzen’s policy to work for global regulation and enforcement and use our voice to push for such.

Through a sustained focus on safeguarding the environment and on identifying measures to improve fuel efficiency, our business units will: 

  • Manage our activities in compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulation.
  • Endeavour to prevent pollution by establishing relevant operational procedures, ensuring compliance with those procedures by means of audits and inspections and providing means for their review and revision.
  • Endeavour to implement environmentally responsible practices in our activities, put into practice appropriate monitoring programmes and set and review objectives and targets to monitor the improvements.
  • Endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by efficient use of resources, avoidance of materials with significant environmental impacts and by the employment of responsible disposal practices.
  • Always have a zero-spill to sea as a goal for the entire fleet.
  • Follow the developments of technologies for environmental improvements relevant to the business. Assist and participate in research and development initiatives targeting enhancements of energy efficiency.
  • Ensure that the awareness and respect for the environment are an integral part of the company's daily life through education and continuous improvement of the competence of employees, both at sea and ashore.

J. Lauritzen participates actively in relevant initiatives aimed at enhancing transparency and limiting the environmental impact of the shipping industry, e.g.: 

  • Trident Alliance for robust enforcement of sulphur regulations (founding member).
  • Representing the Danish Shipping industry in EU preparations for the implementation of MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulation.

This policy builds on the expectations of J. Lauritzen's owners, clients, and the international community and is reflected and embedded in relevant policies and procedures within the company's two business units. Further, this policy is aligned with our Corporate Responsibility Policy and our Policy on Responsible Ship Recycling.

Latest reviewed by the Board of J. Lauritzen A/S on 16 August 2019.

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