Financial statements from J. Lauritzen

J. Lauritzen is a private limited company. We disclose financial information on an annual basis.

Until 2020, the legal entity J. Lauritzen consisted of two business areas, Lauritzen Bulkers and Lauritzen Kosan (now J. Lauritzen Invest). Information on the business areas and our financial performance was included in the financial disclosure provided by J. Lauritzen. Following the separation of the business areas into separate companies in 2020, J. Lauritzen has been a holding company and the subsidiaries disclose financial information about their business and financial performance directly.

Annual Reports from J. Lauritzen

Our most recent information is provided in our Annual Report 2021

J. Lauritzen’s 2021 net result was USDm 97.6

The strong result in 2021 was primarily driven by the result in the subsidiary Lauritzen Bulkers.

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