J. Lauritzen is proudly owned by Lauritzen Fonden

Lauritzen is wholly owned by Lauritzen Fonden, a commercial foundation supporting non-profit activities in particular aimed at vulnerable children and young people.

About Lauritzen Fonden

Ownership Structure

The business activities of the foundation are grouped in Lauritzen Fonden Holding, which manages assets worth more than DKK 10 billion. In addition to its ownership of J. Lauritzen and other assets grouped under J. Lauritzen, the foundation has a controlling interest in DFDS A/S, Northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company. The foundation also has investments in other businesses and in real estate.

Aligned in Purpose & Objectives

Lauritzen Fonden’s purpose is to positively contribute to Denmark’s reputation by promoting and developing Danish shipping, especially related to international shipping, and Danish enterprise in general. The foundation’s non-profit initiatives focus on giving back to the local community, especially supporting vulnerable children and youth.

The foundation’s ownership of J. Lauritzen enables us to continue to make purpose-driven investments and focus on the long-term development of our business. We operate with a coordinated approach and strategy and maintain a close and continuous dialogue between our board of directors and executive management.

Lauritzen Fonden Gives Back

The non-profit activities of Lauritzen Fonden are aimed at children and young people living in vulnerable positions. Lauritzen Fonden seeks to enhance the development of children and young people in Denmark and supports initiatives that facilitates vulnerable children and young people’s path to education and employment.

In addition, Lauritzen Fonden supports various initiatives within the foundation charter such as culture, social and humanitarian work, and education.

To safeguard the Lauritzen Group employees and their well-being, the foundation also distributes scholarships to employees, children of employees, and former employees of the Lauritzen Group.


Lauritzen Fonden’s Initiatives

Brighter futures for vulnerable children and youth

The vision of MedVind in Østerbyen is to break the negative cycle for children and young people from low-income families in the district of Østerbyen in Esbjerg over a 12-year period.

Bringing creativity, innovation and culture into the local community

The Platform is a modern house of culture and citizenship’ that facilitates activities which support the growth and development of creativity, innovation, culture and social life across local districts in the city of Esbjerg.

Increasing vulnerable young people’s well-being through sailing

Through unique sailing experiences, Fulton offers young people in vulnerable positions a sense of purpose and helps them set direction in their own lives and gain confidence in themselves.

History of the foundation

Support for humanitarian causes is an essential element of the Lauritzen family philosophy. The initiatives which are supported by the Lauritzen Fonden are chosen on the basis of longstanding traditions within the family firm.

The Lauritzen Fonden was established in 1945 by Ivar and Knud Lauritzen and their sister Anna Lønberg-Holm. The establishment marked the 50th anniversary of the "Dampskibsselskabet Vesterhavet", the shipping company founded in 1884 by their father Ditlev Lauritzen. More than 70 years later, the Lauritzen Fonden takes pride in carrying on his legacy and continuing to support important initiatives both within the shipping industry and giving back to the community. 

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