Honoring our company legacy through purpose-driven investments

Our long history in the shipping industry offers a unique combination of experience and know-how, acquired through a wide variety of business ventures within the maritime industry.

J. Lauritzen is owned by the commercial foundation Lauritzen Fonden. J. Lauritzen is co-located within Lauritzen Fonden and we have a simple and agile governance structure, which enables rapid decision-making and a coordinated approach when looking ahead towards our company’s future strategy and further development of our business.

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Meet our management team

Kristian V. Mørch
Dorte Rolff
Group Legal Counsel
Jakob Traumer
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Jonas Hoffmann
Investment Director
Philip Sjøqvist
Investment Director
Anders Bruun
Investment Director
Cecilie Grønlund
Investment Associate

Meet Our Board of Directors

Tommy Thomsen

Member of the Board since 2018.
CEO of Lauritzen Fonden.

Inge Grønvold

Member since 2022

Director of Lauritzen Fonden

Erik Bierre

Member since 2022

CFO of Lauritzen Fonden