Partnering to find solutions

Partnering to find solutions


Being proactive and innovative in our environmental efforts is embedded in the way we conduct our business. We continuously monitor new demands, prepare and invest to meet future environmental demands from clients and regulators always focusing on competitive ship management and pushing the boundaries of best practice.

However, due to the size and complexity of a wide range of the environmental challenges and demands facing our industry, we are not able to find appropriate solutions to them alone. We realise that in order to identify the most effective solutions to environmental challenges, we have to identify the right partners to corporate with. We see network participation and partnerships as a way of engaging and building leverage related to issues and challenges relevant to us and our industry.

We participate in the following networks and committees:


We are engaged in the following partnerships with aim of improving our environmental performance: 

  • Partnership with Grundfos, world leader in pump and water technology on a system for fuel optimisation and regulation of seawater cooling.
  • Green ship of the Future, partnership in which members of the Danish maritime community share knowledge on solutions for cleaner, more energy-efficient and sustainable maritime operations.
  • Partnership with WNI International, a weather routing service to increase fuel-efficient operations in all kinds of weather.
  • InnoPlus, an innovation project that seeks to develop new green and competitive solutions for the shipping industry.
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