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Below you can find our latest news and archive. Please direct all media inquiries about J. Lauritzen and Lauritzen Bulkers to our headquarters in Hellerup, Denmark.

For press queries about Lauritzen Bulkers A/S:

Niels Josefsen
Tel: +45 2893 0711 


 For press queries about J. Lauritzen A/S:

Dorte Rolff
Managing Director and Group General Counsel
Tel: +45 5177 7095


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Feb 25 2015
Stock Exchange Announcement
Feb 23 2015
News article

Final call for ambitious, proactive and bright Bachelors to apply for our two-year shipping programme, apply before 1 March 2015.

Feb 18 2015
News article

With Singapore being the largest of our overseas offices, we strive to create awareness of the company and our activities by meeting students on their home turf. Late January, J. Lauritzen Singapore attended the 2015 career fair at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Feb 9 2015
News article

Today, we launch a new website platform for our community engagement in Singapore.

Jan 8 2015
News article

The backbone of the globalised economy – the maritime industry – faces both opportunities and challenges in the coming years. Despite the current global economic difficulties, growth in global trade will lead to an increasing demand for sustainable shipping in the future. These were some of the conclusions from the inaugural Danish Maritime Forum.

Dec 12 2014
News article

The Trident Alliance conducted its first Annual Meeting in Copenhagen on 3 December 2014. The alliance sees a growing support from shipping companies.

Dec 9 2014
News article

Today, we mark the International Anti-Corruption Day by raising awareness of our dedication and our work to fight and prevent corruption.

Dec 5 2014
News article

Last week, Lauritzen Kosan conducted its biannual officer seminar in the Philippines with focus on energy-efficiency, operational excellence, creation of high-performance teams and anti-corruption procedures on board the vessels.

Nov 14 2014
News article

Last week Lauritzen Bulkers signed its longest contract ever with US based Green Circle Bio Energy involving transportation of 600,000 tonnes of wood pellets from the US to the UK and the European continent over the next eight years.

Nov 12 2014
News article

Last week the Danish Shipowners’ Association hosted a Trade Event for future shipping trainees. An eager and enthusiastic group of potential candidates had come to show their interest in career opportunities in the shipping industry. J. Lauritzen and other shipping companies were present competing for the best candidates for future shipping trainee positions.

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