Trusted Investment Partners

J. Lauritzen’s purpose is deeply rooted in the objectives of Lauritzen Fonden, which are chosen on the basis of longstanding traditions within the Lauritzen family and their involvement in both the maritime industry and the surrounding community.

Our investments are strategically made with the goal of both supporting the local Danish business community while also promoting and further developing Denmark’s reputation within the international maritime industry.

We pride ourselves on contributing to purpose-driven investments, value-adding collaborations and the creation of innovative solutions which will positively impact the future of the maritime industry.

J. Lauritzen strives to continue to grow our portfolio of maritime related investments to positively impact the shipping industry and is committed to supporting global efforts focused on accelerating the maritime shipping industry's decarbonization.


Uphold our company legacy & strong reputation

J. Lauritzen continuously strives to maintain our reputation well-known as a trustworthy, respected, and professional investor. We are not only investors, but also experts in the industry and offer unique value and insights to our partners based on our extensive experience in the shipping industry. As an engaged partner to our investments, we offer both financial and strategic business support to help our investments meet their goals, grow shareholder value and build long-term collaborations.


Grow our portfolio with additional purpose-driven investments

We aim to be an exceptional proprietor of our investments making us an attractive home for future potential investments and co-investors. We are continuously seeking new investment opportunities in the maritime sector and have an ongoing focus to support increased sustainability efforts within the shipping industry.

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J. Lauritzen is overseen by a clear governance structure in line with our investment strategy.

We act as a value creating owner of Lauritzen Fonden’s portfolio of maritime and maritime related investments, apart from the foundations controlling interests in DFDS.

J. Lauritzen is managed by an agile team with extensive shipping industry and investment experience and know how, and we are closely connected to Lauritzen Fonden Holding, which enables rapid decision-making and a coordinated strategic approach.

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