Trident Alliance

Trident Alliance
a coalition of shipping companies



The Trident Alliance is a coalition of ship owners and operators sharing a common interest in robust and transparent enforcement of current and forthcoming marine sulphur regulations.

As a shipping company with great focus on our environmental impacts, the enforcement of sulphur regulations is of great importance to J. Lauritzen.

Further, we acknowledge that these regulations are not only for the benefit of the environment, but also for human health and responsible business.

Focus of the alliance is to raise awareness of the issue with poor enforcement, which is achieved by members contributing their reputations, resources, access and competence to drive Solution Strategies that contribute to the vision of robust enforcement.

Additionally, members share experience on different technologies and methods available in order to foster innovation in enforcement technology.

As founding members of the alliance, we join forces with other shipping companies and various stakeholder groups who share our dedication to the cause. The alliance currently has more than 30 members.

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