J. Lauritzen annual party resumed in Tokyo

Oct 9 2014

The annual J. Lauritzen party was opened by the traditional breaking of a sake barrel.

Last week, J. Lauritzen resumed the tradition of an annual cocktail reception for business friends and associates in Japan. The event took place at Happo-En in Tokyo where about 200 representatives from trading houses, shipyards, ship owners and other companies associated with JL attended, enjoying a couple of nice hours in the company of their JL hosts.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Jan Kastrup-Nielsen, President & CEO, reflected on the past two years that have been challenging, but which have also resulted in a much stronger J. Lauritzen consisting of Lauritzen Bulkers and Lauritzen Kosan. “In both areas we wish to see our businesses grow and continue developing strong relations with those who have been a support to us in that period”, he said and added “To reach our ambition of being the best at what we are doing requires a lot of effort, but perhaps more than anything else the willingness and ability to work with others and learn from others.”

After the welcome speech, the annual J. Lauritzen party was opened by the traditional breaking of a sake barrel.

For Lauritzen Bulkers, Japanese relations are very important in particular in terms of tonnage strategy. “In Lauritzen Bulkers, we are not only moving closer to our clients, we are also very much aware of the importance of a close partnership with our tonnage suppliers. And the majority of these are Japanese,” says Peter Borup, Lauritzen Bulkers’ President and added “All the ships in our orderbook - whether directly ordered by Lauritzen Bulkers at shipyards or indirectly as structured deals with purchase options - are being built by Japanese shipyards. Many of the shipyards and the trading houses involved have been Lauritzen Bulkers' partners for decades.”


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