J. Lauritzen in new
Brazilian engagement

May 6 2011

Lauritzen Offshore has fulfilled the first part of its strategy to become an important partner in the offshore services market with special focus on deep water employment offshore Brazil.

Recently Lauritzen Offshore’s unique Accommodation and Support Vessel, Dan Swift, was contracted by Petrobras. Prior to its employment for Petrobras, Dan Swift was employed offshore Brazil by Statoil and most recently by a Shell project offshore Nigeria.

In Brazil, Dan Swift will be part of Petrobras’ new fleet of service units for maintenance and safety (Unidade de Manutenção e Segurança). Dan Swift will be deployed to accommodate close to 300 people for Petrobras in Campos Basin offshore Brazil.

Dan Swift is the first monohull accommodation and support vessel to service the high end of the offshore market. In addition to its modern accommodation facilities, the dynamically positioned DP-2 vessel is equipped with two independent offshore telescopic gangways, which have proved very efficient for safe personnel transfer while Dan Swift remains constantly connected to fixed and floating offshore installation in DP mode.

In addition to Dan Swift, Lauritzen Offshore has three dynamically positioned shuttle tankers on long-term contracts with the Brazilian company.

The long-term contract for Dan Swift is due to commence in July 2011 and the combined contract value of Lauritzen Offshore’s engagement with the Petrobras group exceeds USD 550 million.

“We are extremely pleased with our cooperation with Petrobras, which is one of the biggest and most demanding energy corporations in the world. We have in our strategy been focused to serve Petrobras in Brazil”, says Torben Janholt, President and CEO of J. Lauritzen A/S.

“With the recent employment for Dan Swift, Lauritzen Offshore has not only fulfilled the initial part of its strategy, but also confirmed our ability to establish long-term business relations with some of the most demanding customers in the offshore services market. Top performance, quality and safety play an important part in this industry”, says Jesper Kragh Andresen, President of Lauritzen Offshore Pte. Ltd.

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