J. Lauritzen’s Head of Procurement new Chairman of IMPA

Nov 7 2014

J. Lauritzen’s Vice President of Procurement, Henrik Steffensen, has been elected as new Chairman & CEO of the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA).

IMPA is a non-profit organisation that works for the co-operation and development of marine purchasing and supply. The organisation has more than 650 members worldwide.

The newly elected Chairman is proud to take on his new responsibility. “I see a lot of possibilities for IMPA progressing if we succeed in telling potential members about all the benefits they will get by joining the association – and we will succeed, as we do offer a portfolio of useful benefits for everybody in the industry”, says Henrik Steffensen.

The election was officially announced at the association’s Annual General Meeting during this year’s IMPA London, which took place on 17 and 18 September, and Mr. Steffensen has already put together a solid strategy for how he would like IMPA to develop and grow during his tenure. “IMPA has five pillars that makes it very stable and solid – Education, the Marine Stores Guide/B2B, IMPA ACT, IMPA London and Membership – and we have to develop them all. In order to do that we have agreed to appoint Vice Presidents for each area – each with bottom-line responsibility.”

Mr. Steffensen will bring many years of skills and experience to his new role as IMPA Chairman & CEO, and his new position with IMPA is also an acknowledgement of his prior work within the association. Mr. Steffensen continues his work in J. Lauritzen as Vice President, Head of Procurement.

The above is based on an interview that will be published in the forthcoming issue of IMPA's magazine, Marine Trader, read the full interview here >>>

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