Reliable ocean transport. Timely delivery

Lauritzen Bulkers A/S is a leading operator of bulk carriers engaged in ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes worldwide.

Our experienced team operates a fleet of modern bulk carriers to ports around the globe. We are positioned in the handysize segment, where we maintain a leading position with a specific focus on the transport of minor bulks such as fertilizers, agricultural products, logs and wood pellets.

Our large fleet allows us to offer our customers competitive, timely and efficient global ocean transport services, through:

  • A proven track record of timely performance
  • Accountable and smooth operation
  • Presence in all time zones for customer convenience

Having been in the business for more than a century we have built-up an extensive network and in-depth market know-how, enabling us to offer competitive freight solutions and first-class customer services.

At the forefront of innovation

Close customer dialogue.
Tailor-made solutions

We appreciate being part of your value chain. As your ocean transport partner, we ensure safe carriage of your cargo and through a close and direct dialogue, we take the time needed to understand your requirements. This gives us an in-depth understanding of your business, allowing us to offer you tailor-made transport solutions specific to your needs, helping you deliver to your customers.

Our heritage

Lauritzen Bulkers A/S is owned by J. Lauritzen A/S, which has been part of the maritime trade worldwide for more than 135 years. J. Lauritzen A/S is owned by the Lauritzen Foundation – a commercial foundation with an explicit charitable purpose, supporting shipping, culture, social humanitarian work and education.

Our impact

The current world population of 7.5 billion is expected to reach about 10 billion by 2050, according to the United Nations. As a consequence, ocean transport of raw materials will grow increasingly vital. Lauritzen Bulkers has what it takes to provide it. We carry the commodities needed to fuel the planet’s growth and feed its growing number of new residents.



Niels Josefsen
CEO, Management, Lauritzen Bulkers

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8300

Mobile: +45 2893 0711


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Vice President

Rasmus Francis Jensen
Vice President, Management, Lauritzen Bulkers

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8333

Mobile: +45 2056 5417


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Head of Finance

Mikkel Nielsen
Head of Finance, Management, Lauritzen Bulkers

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8301

Mobile: +45 2332 3421


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