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lectures at new CBS programme

Sep 26 2014

On the first day of September, Copenhagen Business School welcomed the first students to its new bachelor programme in shipping, International Shipping & Trade. A few weeks into the programme, Peter Borup, President in Lauritzen Bulkers, was the first external lecturer to stand in front of a group of very dedicated and talented students.

“Our new bachelor programme in International Shipping and Trade is off to a good start, and now we have had Peter Borup as our first guest lecturer on the course. Peter introduced the students to the business models in the dry bulk segment, and showed the importance of effective risk management in the volatile shipping industry. He actually introduced the students to the key question for any shipping operations. The guest lecture also had the important function of providing students with a role model” says René Taudal Poulsen, Associate Professor at CBS and part of the department of Innovation and Organizational Economics.

The new programme is described as a new shipping education that provides the students with an understanding of the context and strategies of the global shipping industry, and prepares them for efficient planning and management of shipping operations.

“It was a privilege to be able to contribute with relevant knowledge and experience to a new breed of students – and coming colleagues in our industry. Meeting the enthusiasm and dedication from the group of students was fantastic and they were clearly highly motivated. At the same time, the students seem to be aware that there are expected great things from them - both by the industry and from CBS” says Peter Borup.

In 2014, 474 applied for the programme needing a 11,3 grade average to get in. This ranks the education as number five on the list of higher education programmes in Denmark. 24 students were finally accepted.

The shipping bachelor is different from other programmes at CBS as it focuses directly on just one industry. Learn more about the new shipping bachelor in International Shipping and Trade at CBS >>>

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