A world leader in last-mile delivery of LPG and other specialty gases and petrochemicals

BW Epic Kosan serves the international supply chains of leading oil majors and commodity traders throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

BW Epic Kosan at a glance

Industry:                            Gas carrier

Established:                        2021

Domiciled:                          Singapore

Ownership:                         About 31%

Investment year:                2021

About BW Epic Kosan

Following the merger between Lauritzen Kosan and Epic Gas Ltd. in early 2021, J. Lauritzen became a shareholder of BW Epic Kosan Ltd. with a holding of about 25%.

In late 2022, J. Lauritzen increased its shareholding to about 31%.

BW Epic Kosan is the world’s largest owner and operator in the 3,500 to 12,000 cbm gas carrier segment, providing global seaborne services for shippers of liquefied petroleum gases and petrochemicals.

BW Epic Kosan Ltd. is listed on Euronext Growth at Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange).

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