Experienced and knowledgeable supplier of seaborne vehicle transportation

Provides the vehicle transportation market with vessels suited to all aspects of the trade

Gram Car Carriers at a glance

Industry:                            Seaborne vehicle transportation

Established:                        1982

Domiciled:                          Norway

Ownership:                         Minority shareholding

Investment year:                2022

About Gram Car Carriers

In connection with the IPO of Gram Car Carriers, Norway in early 2022, J. Lauritzen became a minority shareholder in the company. Gram Car Carriers is the world’s third largest car carrier offering seaborne vehicle transportation. The company provides shippers of automobiles with a modern, reliable, and efficient fleet with the latest design technology and maximum cargo carrying capability to support the green mobility shift.

Gram Car Carriers is listed on Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange).


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