Hafnia is the result of a merger between Hafnia Tankers and BW Tankers

During its few years of existence, Hafnia has proven that it is a forward-thinking product tanker company.

Hafnia Tankers at a glance

Industry:                              Product tank

Established*:                       2019

Domiciled:                          Singapore

Ownership:                         Minority shareholding

Investment year**:             2010


* Merger of BW Tankers and Hafnia Tankers completed

** Investment in Hafnia Tankers 

About Hafnia Tankers

In 2010, Lauritzen Tankers was a founding partner of Hafnia Management, and today J. Lauritzen has a minority shareholding in Hafnia which is a world leading product tanker company transporting hydrocarbons safely and sustainably around the world.

Hafnia is listed on Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange).

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