Third candidate embarks on the joint Lauritzen scholarship

Oct 3 2014

On 3 October, Mr. Lim Tee Ping visited J. Lauritzen Singapore where Managing Director, Martin Sato, gave him an introduction to J. Lauritzen and its operations

For the third time, it is a pleasure to announce that a student from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore has been selected to receive J. Lauritzen’s and the Lauritzen Foundation’s joint scholarship. 

This year, 22 year old Mr. Lim Tee Ping has been chosen for the scholarship. Tee Ping is a Singaporean citizen and a 2nd year student at NTU where he specialises in maritime studies as business major, which so far has been financed through student loans and savings from his time doing military service.

“Mr. Lim Tee Ping lives with his parents and younger brother. The family’s financial situation is tight, living solely off the income from the father’s job. Due to the family’s financial situation, it’s apparent that Tee Ping is in need of support in order to complete his studies”, says Martin Sato, Managing Director, J. Lauritzen Singapore

Tee Ping has been selected for the scholarship due to his remarkable academic scores and the assessment that financial support was needed for him to complete his studies. Furthermore, Tee Ping volunteers at NTU Welfare Services Club; a non-academic club that provides a wide range of voluntary activities and social work. Here, Tee Ping has worked with elders on a weekly basis, and his engagement in the local community has been a decisive factor for the choice of candidate.

“Creating a ripple effect has always been the corner stone of the Foundation’s work. When a gifted student with a challenging economical background shows the ability and strength to strive for better opportunities in life while maintaining the extra energy to help others less fortunate, this is a personal trait that the Lauritzen Foundation is more than willing to reward”, says Inge Grønvold, Director, The Lauritzen Foundation

A Joint Scholarship

Since 2012, J. Lauritzen Singapore and the Lauritzen Foundation have awarded a joint scholarship through Term Founding at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Each year, a candidate is chosen for the scholarship based on three social factors: parental income, average mark and social work. Through this scholarship, J. Lauritzen and the Lauritzen Foundation encourage young talents who can make a difference for the local community, while at the same time supporting the education of local talents for the shipping industry.

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